What you need to know before starting an ad campaign.

It is imperative that advertisers have a social media strategy or at least a plan before running an ad campaign. Having worked with numerous clients on their ads campaigns, 50% do not have a plan in mind. The only plan they have is how can I make more sales from running ads.

I think we need to take a step back before executing that campaign. Be it online or offline marketing, a plan is the basis of measurement on how successful your ads have performed or otherwise.

During each of my consultancy sessions, I will always ask the question of what is the objective of running the ad campaign and what are the goals the clients would want to achieve.


There is a difference in objectives and goals as far as I am concerned when running ads campaigns. Objectives in general is a main end results that you are looking at achieving. Goals is where you need to quantify the resultant effort of the campaigns.

Let me give you a simple example. Let’s talk about a baking school. The objective is to run a campaign to encourage sign ups for a baking workshop. The goal would be to achieve 20 sign ups for each workshop.

Having a clear definition of both objectives and goals, then type of marketing activities can be catered to the campaign to maximise effectiveness and meet your conversion goals.

Ultimately, data analytics will reflect the kind of engagement and conversion metrics you set prior to running your ads campaigns. However, how you quantity the success of the campaign still boils down to how many people actually sign up and make payment to attend your workshop as in this example.

It is still an offline tracking mechanism unless you automate the whole process. Then the online statistics will be your benchmark on whether you need to tweak your campaign or totally pivot.

In essence, as cliche as it may sound…if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Oh yes…just wanted to share this post from Adspresso that gives you a great guide on how to run effective ads campaigns that will help increase your conversion rates.



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Why you should use Lookalike Audiences for your Ad campaigns….

I just completed a campaign for a client and oh my how effective Lookalike Audiences were for them. This is just one of the many advance tools available in managing the effectiveness of your ads campaigns. Of course there are other contributing factors such as ad copies, graphics and timing among others. We will discuss some of them in future blog posts.

Oh yes…where was I?

So when I got the brief to run the campaign for a limited period of time, I knew in order to deliver I had to be creative. The first thing that came to my mind was Lookalike Audiences. It is a powerful re-marketing tool that I think deserve more attention from advertisers.

In fact in many of my conversations with seasoned Facebook advertisers, they hardly use this feature. Yes they have been running Page Post Engagement (PPE) ads effectively but it’s time we optimise our ads with such tools. It does gives your the value add needed for your products or services especially in getting new clients.

What exactly is Lookalike Audience?

Based on Facebook’s definition…”Lookalike Audiences are a way to reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business because they’re similar to customers you care about.”

Lookalike Audience

Of course, it does take a bit of time to build the right lookalike audience. But how do you achieve the right lookalike audience?

If you are just starting your first campaign, you can forget about taking advantage of Lookalike Audience for now. It is about building the right audience for your products or services first through at least a few ads campaigns. This will allow you to fully understand your target audience and eventually build similar audience personas through Lookalike Audience.

Facebook I believe has a way to track similar interest people with your existing fans or followers and present it as a tool for you to expand your reach when you run ads. This, if you have garnered strong and genuine followers, will target people that are likely to resonate with your products or services.

Lookalike Audience

What it means is that Facebook is showing your ads to audiences which it deems qualified based on the profiles of your fans.

It is a bit like a word  of mouth kind marketing. The difference is that Facebook is spreading the word for you.

Here’s a screenshot of the campaign I mentioned earlier to highlight the effectiveness of Lookalike Audiences.

The campaign was ran for a week with an allocated budget of $300. By using Lookalike Audiences tools in Facebook, the campaign statistics were

1) Reach – 15557

2) Click Thru Rate (CTR) – 12.012%

3) Average Cost Per Click (CPC) – $0.04

4) Final Ad Dollar Spent – $103.49

Facebook Ads Campaign

Lookalike Audience Campaign

However the most important statistic was the conversion rate in terms of Sales Revenue. A high FIVE FIGURE sales revenue.

If you don’t believe me, sign up for my Free 60 mins consultation> http://bit.ly/1dYC3UX

It totally blew my mind…..

What I am trying to illustrate is the power of knowledge and applying it when it matters. Be empowered today….

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Facebook Ads Bidding Strategy – Don’t let it be a Tragedy!!

Facebook Ads bidding strategy seems to be a misunderstood thing that even seasoned marketer at times have difficulty grasping. At times it is can be tricky even for me especially when you do not have a clear objective to the campaigns you are running.

That is why the people who have worked with me and attended my consultation sessions know that we must always be clear on what is the main objective of the campaign. And the conversion goals that it must achieve with the clear objective.

For example, objective is to make $5000 sales revenue just doesn’t cut it. As far as I am concerned, an objective that is clear is to make $5000 sales revenue with a maximum monthly ads budget of $500 for the next 6 months. From there the process of market segmentation, bidding strategy, split testing, sales copies and marketing collateral will fall into place much easier.

With the main objective clear, you will be able to set your Facebook Ads strategy to be in line with your main objective.

Bidding strategy is part of the Ads strategy which will determine the type of conversion you want to achieve with the Ads.

Hence you will know which type of Facebook Ads bidding is suitable to achieve your desired conversion goals. Most of us are framed that CPC is the best and only way to achieve the desired goals. It is not wrong but ask yourselves whether it suits the goals you are trying to achieve with the campaign.

The article shared gives you a clear indication on when to use which bidding strategy for what type of campaign. Many of us failed to see that CPC can be most cost effective but is it achieving your desired goal of getting more sales? When you are running ads for people to click to your website as your conversion goal but instead you get hundreds of Likes to the post. Are you goals achieved? I don’t think so.

The article gives a brief but conscience explanation to each bidding strategy for what type of objective.

I am a fan of oCPM where Facebook will show my ads to the people that is highly likely to be interested in what I am offering. You might not get the reach you think is substantial but it is quality leads that is important in Facebook marketing. It is not a numbers game.

So take time to read the article and digest it. Most importantly use it where applicable to your campaign objectives.


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Audience Insights – My 1st point of reference

This is the first tool within Facebook Ads Manager that I use before embarking on any marketing campaign. As the name implies, Audience Insights, it give you a reference point on the potential target segment that you are eyeing based on interactions within Facebook.

You can be as broad as you want or as narrow as you wish in terms of interest, demographics and many other compelling traits that your potential target audience is most likely to have.

It is more an art than science in finding the right target audience when you are marketing your products or services in Facebook. As such, this Audience Insights feature gives you a head start in finding your own “sweet spot”. It not only gives you an idea but direction i which to follow or not where marketing your products or services are concerned.

A small caveat though…not all features are available for non-US audiences. So take time to analyse the data that is most suitable for the location you are targeting.

This brings me to the quote by Bruce Lee that I hold so dear. He said,

“It is better to practice 1 kick 10,000 times then to practice 10,000 kicks once…”. So in a nutshell, practice makes perfect!

By the way, I am in the midst of recording short videos to better illustrate the more advanced features of running Facebook Campaigns to help understand the need to make use of such tools.

So I promise the first video will touch on the Audience Insights and do look out for it in the next couple of days.


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Social Media Automation – How To Strike A Balance

I am a strong believer in automation but in social media there is no such thing as full automation. This article is conscience in it’s comparison of the pros and cons.

What I like is the final paras posed the question back to social media marketer, like me to decide which course of action to take.

I do feel the options are “right in its own rights”. From my experience handling clients of different products and services, each is unique on its own.

But of course, having a balance is important so that we don’t project the perceived notion of zero human interaction.

For me I have been using #hootsuite for the longest time. I find it simple and intuitive. It has a great chrome plugin that allows you to schedule posting from the website itself. No….I am not a brand ambassador of #hootsuite. Just my preference.

And yes… I am using automation for this posting and it will be pushed out at 10pm tonight by the time you read it.

One reason is I’ve got a date with Fandi Ahmad to keep tonight. Of course with my dearest wife….


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Amazing Facebook Business Explosion

This is an amazing story about how a woman made millions using Facebook as a platform to grow the business exponentially.

You can read the success story here (a bit long though) :- http://bit.ly/Sev1k7

Before you click the link, I just wanted to draw your attention to the video which summarizes her social media strategy that keeps her multi-million dollar company growing till today. I’ll try my best to extract the great pointers.

7 Ways to Growing Your Business in Social Media

1) Treat Each Channel Differently
We are at times guilty of it. Perhaps the constraints of time made us post for example an Instagram post to Facebook, Twitter and such. With third party scheduler app it makes posting on social media platforms easy. Isn’t it?

2) Experiment, Experiment, Experiment
Brandi Temple emphasized this and pointed out that different channels have its own characteristic. So you need to experiment at times with something crazy or silly perhaps.

3) Be Yourself
There is a tendency to be too business like in social media. She advocates the need to be yourself and have that human touch and feel in social media albeit marketing your products or services

4) Make Transactions Seamless
She describes transaction with customers to be fast and easy. The simplest steps for customers to put money in your bank is what is needed to grow your business.

5) Don’t Be A Business
The tendency is to sell and make money always but in social media you must make time to interact and not sell all the time. Key to me is to show that you care as a business.

6) Keep Them On Their Toes
I like this part when she describes putting up a post on a dress to offer and taking it down when traction is at its highest. Gives the customers some form of “kiasuness” in really wanting to buy your product.

7) Buckle Up
Interesting and relevant point about the dynamism and ever changing algorithm of social media platforms. It keeps you on your toes too and need to keep yourselves empowered with the right knowledge all the time.

Enjoy the video and let me know your views.

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Content marketing not important……I beg to differ.

i am perturbed by comments in social media particularly when one of my clients mentioned that there were comments from their sales copies that dismisses content marketing. Just to bring the issue into perspective, in this day and age of digital media, content marketing is a de facto for your product or services to be even noticed among the “clutter” in the social media sphere.

Of course content marketing is not just bombarding fans or potential clients with all sorts of related or otherwise without at least a content management strategy. Importantly, for those who are serious or are paying good money to run an effective marketing campaign, planning and having a strategy is essential.

Strategy might come across as a big word to many but it is the foundation of every business, be it big or small, where marketing is concerned. To put it simply, it is a plan with objectives and process of execution. Then again if your objective is just to sell, sell and sell without considering the brand aspect or even sustainability, then it is a different ball game altogether.

I always advocate to my clients the thought process of building a brand which does takes time and effort. But the reward if done right is the recognition of the brand as an authority on its own industry. This does not mean that you will get it right the first time. If you do…that’s awesome but the initial learning curve is steep and unknown.

My dealings with start ups and SMEs are that “we are not the big boys”. Exactly my point, we are not but that does not mean we can’t be seen or perceived as one of the big boys. Why? Simply because in social media in particular, it is about the perceived value in the initial stage. So if you give the impression that your brand or business is a force to be reckoned with, then naturally your efforts will commensurate the standings. This will translate into adopting strategies that the big boys deploy at a scale that measures to your own brand standings.

In essence, what I am trying to put forth is that no product or service can do well without the least amount of content marketing…you need to tell consumers what your product or service is all about, right? In addition, a content management strategy to ensure that you don’t go into marketing blindly.

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