Amazing Facebook Business Explosion

This is an amazing story about how a woman made millions using Facebook as a platform to grow the business exponentially.

You can read the success story here (a bit long though) :-

Before you click the link, I just wanted to draw your attention to the video which summarizes her social media strategy that keeps her multi-million dollar company growing till today. I’ll try my best to extract the great pointers.

7 Ways to Growing Your Business in Social Media

1) Treat Each Channel Differently
We are at times guilty of it. Perhaps the constraints of time made us post for example an Instagram post to Facebook, Twitter and such. With third party scheduler app it makes posting on social media platforms easy. Isn’t it?

2) Experiment, Experiment, Experiment
Brandi Temple emphasized this and pointed out that different channels have its own characteristic. So you need to experiment at times with something crazy or silly perhaps.

3) Be Yourself
There is a tendency to be too business like in social media. She advocates the need to be yourself and have that human touch and feel in social media albeit marketing your products or services

4) Make Transactions Seamless
She describes transaction with customers to be fast and easy. The simplest steps for customers to put money in your bank is what is needed to grow your business.

5) Don’t Be A Business
The tendency is to sell and make money always but in social media you must make time to interact and not sell all the time. Key to me is to show that you care as a business.

6) Keep Them On Their Toes
I like this part when she describes putting up a post on a dress to offer and taking it down when traction is at its highest. Gives the customers some form of “kiasuness” in really wanting to buy your product.

7) Buckle Up
Interesting and relevant point about the dynamism and ever changing algorithm of social media platforms. It keeps you on your toes too and need to keep yourselves empowered with the right knowledge all the time.

Enjoy the video and let me know your views.


About NIzam Adli

Nizam Adli is a social media strategist and loves to pen down his thoughts on his journey especially his pet subject of social media.
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