Social Media Automation – How To Strike A Balance

I am a strong believer in automation but in social media there is no such thing as full automation. This article is conscience in it’s comparison of the pros and cons.

What I like is the final paras posed the question back to social media marketer, like me to decide which course of action to take.

I do feel the options are “right in its own rights”. From my experience handling clients of different products and services, each is unique on its own.

But of course, having a balance is important so that we don’t project the perceived notion of zero human interaction.

For me I have been using #hootsuite for the longest time. I find it simple and intuitive. It has a great chrome plugin that allows you to schedule posting from the website itself. No….I am not a brand ambassador of #hootsuite. Just my preference.

And yes… I am using automation for this posting and it will be pushed out at 10pm tonight by the time you read it.

One reason is I’ve got a date with Fandi Ahmad to keep tonight. Of course with my dearest wife….

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About NIzam Adli

Nizam Adli is a social media strategist and loves to pen down his thoughts on his journey especially his pet subject of social media.
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