Audience Insights – My 1st point of reference

This is the first tool within Facebook Ads Manager that I use before embarking on any marketing campaign. As the name implies, Audience Insights, it give you a reference point on the potential target segment that you are eyeing based on interactions within Facebook.

You can be as broad as you want or as narrow as you wish in terms of interest, demographics and many other compelling traits that your potential target audience is most likely to have.

It is more an art than science in finding the right target audience when you are marketing your products or services in Facebook. As such, this Audience Insights feature gives you a head start in finding your own “sweet spot”. It not only gives you an idea but direction i which to follow or not where marketing your products or services are concerned.

A small caveat though…not all features are available for non-US audiences. So take time to analyse the data that is most suitable for the location you are targeting.

This brings me to the quote by Bruce Lee that I hold so dear. He said,

“It is better to practice 1 kick 10,000 times then to practice 10,000 kicks once…”. So in a nutshell, practice makes perfect!

By the way, I am in the midst of recording short videos to better illustrate the more advanced features of running Facebook Campaigns to help understand the need to make use of such tools.

So I promise the first video will touch on the Audience Insights and do look out for it in the next couple of days.


About NIzam Adli

Nizam Adli is a social media strategist and loves to pen down his thoughts on his journey especially his pet subject of social media.
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