Why Facebook is a must for businesses

It took me a while to really have the discipline to sit down and pen my thoughts especially on social media topics. Even my business coach who is now a friend, Imran Ali, keeps bugging me to start doing ebooks and such. I was kind of hesistant initially and the thoughts of who will want to read my stuff keeps lingering in my mind.

However as pointed out by many, it is a matter of opinion and a great platform for people to also voice their views or opinions on the subject matter. The rule of thumb is that no one view is right or wrong and bloggers need to able to accept any form of criticisms graciously.

So much for the reasons why I should have started blogging much earlier but a short introduction on what I do. I see myself as a social media strategist that helps SMEs to have a footprint in the social media spheres with effective marketing strategies. To me it is about building a brand over time with most importantly engaging contents. Well, if you are selling a commodity then in my opinion, it is about how much money you want to make and calculate how much money you need to spent on Ads and such to make that amount.

Content management strategy is an important pillar in social media marketing especially in Facebook. There are plenty of content out there but what are relevant to your target market is important. Good thing is that there are analytics tools even in Facebook to monitor or get the engagement rates of your content. This gives you a good feedback mechanism that is real time for you to make that informed decision.

With analytics you are able to go in depth into individual content posting to gauge effectiveness and re-strategise your content management based on the data. This is what the “big boys” are doing to further enhance their branding positioning.

However, we must understand that building a brand does takes time but with social media, that process can be accelerated effectively. Many clients have asked me about what will be their ROI if they do invest in social media marketing? To me it is about the intangible and the need to trust the process. Of course, your social media marketing strategies have to be sound. The good thing about it though is that with any form of digital marketing, data determines whether you are doing it right and take appropriate actions as and when you deemed it is necessary compared to traditional media.

Th provision for split testing allows for actions to be taken earlier and minimize the losses or ineffective marketing. And of course, the immediate feedback channel comes with social media marketing which keeps you on your toes.

In short, businesses especially SMEs need to leverage on social media especially Facebook to accelerate their brand building and positioning. Of course having a Facebook page without proper strategy is of no use too….

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